Gregory Crewdson, photographer extraordinaire

I bloody love Gregory Crewdson's photography. It's an art directors dream, the attention to detail makes me salivate. I love the stories they tell, the poignancy and longing each shot delivers and the dream like vision he evokes. I love the light, the filmic approach, the surreal moods he creates from everyday scenes. Best of all I love the intrigue he creates from every image, like an incomplete sentence. I love it all. I've just bought his latest book Twilight. Perhaps one day I'll have my very own print.

Fab app

If you're like me and have 20 million windows open and 15 thousand tabs on each of those windows then you'll find this app fab. A simple tool to save web pages for reading later. A 'read later' button is installed into your window and from there you can save any website for... reading later. It's brill and like most useful things it's also available in an iphone app. You can sync it with your kindle and better yet you can share your reading to do list with others. Now all I have to do is actually get round to reading them.

Yay! I'm old*

This week I got older. That's the terrible thing about birthdays. The great thing about birthdays is that it's the perfect excuse to get drunk! Check out these two pics, one is from my forth birthday and one from my twenty something something birthday(cough). As you can see there's a big difference, in one I'm enjoying some tutti fruitis with my cousins and friends and in the other I'm enjoying some tutti fruitis with my cousins and some friends**. As you can my hairstyle has barely progressed (fashion goes in circles, at least that's my excuse) and my skirts aren't much longer. It's good to see some things never change.
*insert sarcasm here.
** not included in pic- too drunk ;)

On me halidays

I've been on holidays, well not quite. I've been home, in lovely Donegal, for a whole week and it was bliss. I've been snapping away at Lagg, as usual, but this time with a toy camera. It was fun to see how the shots would turn out. Check out that dramatic sky action! I've uploaded more onto my flickr if you'd like to check them out. I'm back in the big bad city for now so it's nice to look back at these and feel a little healed. 

Etsy regretsy

This site makes me laugh out loud. For all your etsy regretsies there is now a place to pubish your shame. I've some especially dodgy online purchases hidden away under the bed. Me and my lovely Mum cannot turn down a bargain. I think it's actually genetic. I could definately publish to the ebay equivilant of regretsy. Here a link to my latest purchase which I actually still quiet like but my sister told me "it's the worst looking thing I've ever seen on you. You look like you spend your evening's consulting the oracle and making potions". It might be a future regret.

LOVE, Love, love it.

Definately the ad of the year, in my opinion, soooo so AWESOME! Samsung Electronic, "The 3D truth in old masters". Genius use of VO from the Mighty Boosh's Rich Fulcher. Unfortunately I can't embed the ad so I only have a quick screen grab. See the full ad here. So worth a look. I wish I could credit the piece but unfortunately I can't find any details on that either. Bravo to the team behind it anyhow.