Now is good

98fm Now is Good from Niall Flynn on Vimeo.
Check out this lovely spot from Irish advertising talent, Rotcho, created for 98Fm. Sweet spot and some lovely art direction. For such a lovely idea and execution above the line it's a pity they let there below the line and digital work fall into a checklist. Twitter, check. Facebook, check. Web banners, check. Given that their campaign is about embracing the moment ('Now is good') wouldn't an online site set up to encourage others to submit their own experience of embracing the moment be engagement and interactive. Just a thought. Lovely campaign though.

The Kool kids

I had to blog this post, not because I'm getting broody and desperate to reproduce (although how cool would a nappy wearing samba dancing clockwork orange milk drinking boy be?) But because I've finally found out where my boyfriend has got his moves from. It was an epiphany, and I have to admit, slight relief to know that he's not been having some form of minor convulsions. As you can probably tell his moves aren't as well received as this tots, though credit where its due, they are equally as funny. The other difference is that rather than recording it with pride to share with the world I tend to back away slowly and deny all knowledge of our relationship. Good times. Good times.
In other news you can find more fun images if you're feeling a little broody yourself on:

How I remember American Advertising...

I remember watching advertisements and infomercials* in the states and wondering how the hell these people sold anything! Medication infomercials, in particular, really amazed me. How anyone could swallow even a headache tablet upon learning side effects of possible death, spontaneous combustion and/or immediate blindness** fascinates me. I love this spoof Family Guy version of typical American Sale commercials. Those guy's are geniuses. It always has me in stitches. This ad for 'wacky waving inflatable tube arm flailing tubeman' is fan-fricking-tastic. Enjoy.
*Witness my use of american terminology here.
**maybe or may not be slight exaggeration.
Apologises for the cruddy youtube link. Only watch till 42 secs in... or don't and be mesmerised by how much time some people have on their hands.

Follow me and create the illusion of popularity.

Check me out, two blogs. Bling bling! Look at my pretty screen grab of my tumblr blog archive above. I have to admit my creative blog gets the most attention. I constantly bookmark and add stuff there sooooooo... you should follow me! I promise to reblog other peoples work at my own leisure and upload work I wish I'd done often. I'm also getting sucked into the hype of posterous. I hear it's what all the cool kids are doing and being awesome (reference previous post) I need to get in there. Watch this space. 
By the way I also tweet and shamelessly self promote daily. 

Being awesome

Just wanted to let all the peeps out there know that I’ve read this book and I am now awesome. Fact. I've had the market cornered on ‘cool’ for awhile, but I’ve been trying to figure out how to break into ‘awesome’ - who knew all you had to do was practice! Of course having some hip threads, questionable hair cut and some multi-cultural companions won't go a miss either. Right on dudes. Peace out.

A few of my favourite things

I had to share these fab lights from Swedish based design house Chen Karlsson. You can place all of your favourite pieces inside to make each lamp an individual. How sweet is that.

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Donegal ablaze

When out for an evening stroll at home I felt like I was featuring in an episode of Lost and the smoke monster had come to get me. But alas no, fame and fortune doesn't await me and thankfully no black smoke engulfed me and dragged me underground. Something similarly disturbing was happening though in that the local Rednecks had just given a new meaning to the term burning rubber. It's bonfire night. It's a real shame to see huge over the top fires lit in the middle of the countryside- especially as it's a poor excuse to rid of their old waste. The wee cows didn't know what was going on either. 

Stuff no one told me, but I learned anyway

I love these fun illustrations from the wonderful spanish illustrator Alex Noriega. He adds a new thought everyday to his blog. I highly recommend checking him out. Included are examples of three of my favourites but there's loads of other little gems in there. You'll love too.