Introducing Lucky George, a perturbing tale of one very disturbed young boy written by Phil Hickes. 

Cover design by me

Oh Canada

Oh the places I've been. What better to document my travels than to create a series based on them. Here's the first in the series from the beautiful British Columbia. 

My precious

My mac had a mini heart attack this week causing me to have a major one. Let's refer to my mac as my precious from now on. I experienced two days of utter dread while my precious was at the doctors lamenting all my lost photos and work. Alas $300 later and I welcomed my precious back and now I'm sharing some photos as I loving back the shit up. This is home and seeing these pictures make me pine a little but Australia, you're pretty pretty too. 

A little birdie told me...

My sister's getting married so I made this invite. Come to her wedding, you have the details now. It will be awesome, there will be cake and wine and loads of cheese. There better be cheese. And carrot cake, they're better be carrot cake too. I can't wait.