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About me:
I'm Annie, an Art Director working at Chemistry in lovely Dublin, Ireland. 

Welcome to my life. I should probably say that I'm passionate about something here as that's what everyone else seems to do. I'm Irish, so 'passionate' is quite a grand statement for us (we're not french you know). But here goes.... I'm passionate about my dog, shoes, wine, cake, laughing and of course I'll throw in advertising for good measure. I quite like my family too, but not always passionately.

I narrate my life here, it's often cringy and I can't guarantee anything interesting but I persevere nonetheless. I also have a real blog which is not about me and therefore more interesting. It comprises of all advertising, cool, stylish and art direction- things I'm passionate about, if you like. Generally it's things I'm jealous I didn't create myself. You can find me tweeting my daily rantings here or uploading my mediocre photography here. You might notice an inordinate amount of pics of my dog- but I did warn you I was passionate about him. 

Say hi sometime and keep dropping by. I'll try not to bore you.

If you're interested- and female, I also scrap book looks and style which can be considered a fashion blog here. I promise not to over-use the word 'fabulous' and 'sassy' but it wouldn't be fashion if there wasn't the odd bit of hyperbole. Check it out.