A little group...

of nerds, on route to the pub on a Fri night like American teenagers in a gang.

Notice Keith's most excellent sparkling accessory. I'm jealous. Would have looked much better on Poppy. Just saying, is all.

Mumkin the pumpkin

Carving fun from work brings out incredibly competitive (and dark) side to creative. Check out the pumpkin fun. John and Kerry were the winning team with their visual commentary on Dublin's North side, missing from the shot are the benefit cheques.

I'm kinda of ashamed to admit that Keith and I made the massacre at the end. We didn't win, the word disturbed was used a lot. Happy Hallowe'en.

PS; Nothing could make it happier than this- Favourite. Commercial. EVER:

Having a cardiac arrest at 20... something

My idea of a hike isn't really a hike at all. In fact it's more like a casual stroll in the wilderness, dressed inappropriately but justified by the fact I have wellies on and am therefore being pratical (they're hunter, incase your interested). It's a look I like to coin as countrival (country/festival) chic. It's compulsory I take my camera with me as I need to document my life constantly to the annoyance of others (except Rachel, who is fabulous and never tires of posing).

Anyway, back to our "hike". We typically wander round, appreciate natures beauty but mostly our own in the form of a country chic photo shoot. I like to think of myself as a photographer and Rachel is an excellent and willing subject. Usually we round up our afternoon with hearty lunch in some quaint country pub. Rachel is normally my accomplice in these expeditions and an excellent one at that I might add, the last time we "hiked" we ended up in Dundrum shopping centre in our "gear" and actually managed to by-pass all exercise altogether progressing on to our country pub. To be fair, the escalator wasn't functioning and we dig have an exhausting trek up and down the stairs of Berskha. My shopping bag was so damn heavy. I include a pic of Rachel and I on one of our most recent hiking trips. 

The point of recalling this magnificent trip is for comparative purposes. This weekend I received an invite from another friend to hike. That friend is Niamh (the ball breaker) O'Loughlin. The first clue I should have ran for my life was when I turned up (at my leisure) for our 10 o clock call (anyone else think she's getting too into her new teaching role). Upon arrival I was informed that I was inappropriately clad and late. Guilt-ridden I hastily changed into something I can only describe as waterproof. I felt like a child who had just broken the good ornament so I sat suspiciously quite and incredibly agreeable in the car as we literally set a new land speed record in a 1990 VW golf to Glendalough. If I thought for one second that was going to be the low point of the day then I can only look back as my little naive self and shake my head in pity.

Check out the little moodboard I've created. How very art director of me- using pictures to tell the story, it does give an indication of the vastness I have travelled, I also like to think of it as proof incase you don't take my word for it. 

According to sources online this Glendalough walk is 9km long, f*ck you online source. Have you ever actually walked this route? Are you purely referring to the distance from the car park to the beginning of the trek? It must be at least 9-fucking-k of an actual climb. Then take into consideration that you're with gym bunny Niamh, her gym bunny friends and Freddie, her psycho ADHD dog. My only saving grace came in the form of Grainne (the smoker) with whom I formed the deepest bond of my life. At one point when I thought I was going into cardiac arrest a pair of (at least) 70yr old ole biddies passed us on the climb and sympathetically patted my back using the words "go easy pet, it's a terrible climb", with which I immediately responded with a lie mumbling the word asthma.

I do have to admit though that I really loved the day. Having got over the shock of the climbing Everest on 4hours sleep and a hangover the down hill process was a breeze. I got some sweet pics and the opportunity to try out my new lens- see here and best of all 
I had thee most delicious soup from Avoca followed by a heated cinnamon scone with cream and jam. Nothing builds up an appetite like a walk/hike/trek/expedition in the country.

The meme, blogged

This is my Mam posing it up in our hall. This just came through on my email. There's no real reason for this mail other than she likes to let us (the family) know she's fabulous, and generally to get some attention. Mostly though, this is just the type of thing she likes to do when she has an audience (the family). She's regretting it now though as I've told her it's been blogged and even though she has no idea what this actually means she does know that this, not the most flattering photograph ever taken, is now on the world wide web somewhere. So, Hi Marie. You're looking good, but as Granny would say- your skirt's far too short. 

Here's a teeny little collective of just some of the meme working her magic.

United we're useless.

The Social Network has re-inforced our inferiority complex. I speak for us collectively, when it's probably only me. My friends are equally inferior (heck that's why we're friends) so they should have felt it too, even if they didn't. Trust me on that. No-ones been near Harvard.  
Anyhow, rather than go home and do something constructive having seen it, we went to the pub. On one hand, it further endorsed our fruitless existence, and on the other Mark Zuckerberg did actually come up with the genius 'facemash' when smashed (see what I did there) and I was willing to investigate my own intelligence when intoxicated, in the interest of social science of course.

Unfortunately the only talent we did reveal was that of the hipstamtic's atmospheric capture lens and Ciaran's creepy ability to appear dead. All is not lost though, we managed to convince Phil (below) into wearing tights for Hallowe'en as an evil (gay) jester, and harrass Will into organising tickets for a post house Hallowe'en bash, which none of us we're initially cool enough to get a personal invite too. Productive evening after all, take that Zuckerberg.

Ps: It's a cool film, very well cast. Go see it. 

MINI Countryman launch

Some outdoor work Phil and I created for the launch of The new 4 door MINI countryman. 
This is the first bit of MINI business Chemistry have created since winning the pitch last month. 
I am in love with this car. Not least because I've been staring at it all day everyday for the past couple of weeks but also because I've never taken an interest in any car as much as this. I have a very indepth knowledge of this machine. For example, it's got four doors and it's silver, it's really shiny and cute and it's got a 1.6L 4cylinder with twin-scroll turbocharger, direct fuel injection and fully-variable valve management based on BMW group's valvetronic technology. Yip. I just don't really know what that does. Did I mention it's cute?
What I can tell you is that I'll be taking this on a weekend test soon and I've promised the mammy we'd be cruising in style round our wee town. Windows down, beats on. Now all I need to do is continue my harrassment of client services to make this dream happen. 

Brrrrr it's cold outside.

Here's some MINI cuteness. MINI's are a bit like a puppy or a kitten. They're already so lovely, accessorising them just accentuates this- here's further proof if you need it. 

To recreate this 'look' you'll need a giantantic ball of yarn, a free month of your life, some superb knitting skills, and last but not least your very own MINI. 

Alternatively cheat like me, and befriend some excellent retouchers. hey presto! Instant cuteness.