Barnados charity

Photo submission that raised €775 for charity. Way-hey

The Town

Everyone should see this. It's a great film, I have little comment on it otherwise... except that I now want to move to Boston- but not to the projects. And also that Ben Affleck is seriously hot. Why did I not know this before. If The Departed with a dose of 8 mile are right up your street then you should definitely see this. Ok. Bye.

What I've been up too...

Loads. That's what. True story. I've just completed our launch campaign for the new MINI countryman which means I can now concentrate all my efforts trying to weasel a weekend test drive on the new Countryman. Mammy, watch this space! We'll be cruising in style yet. I've also completed our advocacy campaign for Focus Ireland (homeless charity) and it's looking swell if I do say so myself. You can get a little taster on the attached shot from my iphone, but don't let that put you off. I worked with the very talented photographer Liam Murphy. I'll update both campaigns soon.

I've also being working away in the background on It's beginning to really take shape. It's averaging 100 hits a day but given that it really only started as a way for me to bookmark and share and has naturally evolved, I'm kinda proud and kinda happy. It's a terribly nerdy happiness but happiness nonetheless. A comparison I can make that other nerds will appreciate is when receive a personal response on twitter from one of your idols or as I call them- people that I stalk.

Oh and I have quite a few doodles completed that I can share soon as well as a new photography project. But for now, slan x

biggest regret?

That time I laughed nervously then ran away when Josh Ritter said "come to Glasgow tonight with the band". True story

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A sad goodbye

I've been putting of posting this, but I guess it's time now. We lost our lovely Monty, two weeks ago now. It's very sad and we're all a little heartbroken. He was so lovely. There is a very lonely corner of the kitchen that used to be permanently occupied by our wee man. I don't think anyone realised how much we chatted to him until you suddenly find you can't anymore. As my mam so eloquently put it "he listened to some amount of bullshit in his wee life". He was a great listener. It's funny how much dogs become part of your life, part of your family.

It seems he had cancer in his wee leg and not arthritis as originally diagnosed. It's hard when you don't see it coming, then again it could have been harder if we'd to watch him suffer. 

Johnny wrapped him in a wee blanket and we laid him to rest in a little corner of our garden under a large oak beside his wee pal Homer. I like to think that there both playing in a meadow together, tails wagging, tongue hanging out up there in doggy heaven. Just like they did so often in our garden. 

RIP Monty, you were completely wonderful. xxxxx