A loud laugh bespeaks a vacant mind

I just watched the above clip literally eight times. It's so brilliant, I cannot stop laughing. This type of thing entertains me no end. Writing that down makes me feel really sad. None the less it is fact and here's proof. A selection of shots of me and my lovely ladies photo-boothing ourselves. I also have a series of videos but I have been forbidden from sharing "for my own health and safety". The clip above is much more awesome that we could ever have achieved, we spent too much time fighting over who was getting a look in. Also I have a really big hunch that we think we're much funnier than we really are in reality. Hey, as long as we're happy.

Please note that these shots are old and from a period I like to refer too as "what the F were you thinking". I have since return to my blond* roots.

*chemically enhanced

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